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We are living in uncertain times. We hear about COVID-19 cases every day now. Our mission is to decrease the spread and ultimately defeat the effects of this horrible pandemic.

CIMR Scavenger Technology is a vital part of the solution. It is proven and effective to search out and destroy viruses in the shared air and on surfaces throughout your home.

24/7/365 cleaning service

CIMR Technology is like a 24 hour, 7 days a week cleaning service.  Once installed, it works tirelessly cleaning and disinfecting your home.

extra insurance policy

Add an insurance policy to your expensive heating and air system. CIMR® cleans and disinfects your HVAC coil, air-ducts, and vents. 

This allows your AC unit to work more efficiently and drastically reduces maintenance and energy costs.

mold and mildew mitigation

CIMR is a fantastic product for moisture-prone areas.  Our units are used to solve existing mold and mildew problems or as a preventive measure.

We have great success with taking care of mold and mildew problems.


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